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        The company built the strict and scientific quality management system. Effective quality tests and control methods areapplied in every key point of the process to guarantee quality. The company also employs many qualified person to consist a professional quality control team. In order to guarantee the quality, chemical ananlysis labs,physical test labs, and high-voltage test labs are set up, and also equipped with spectrum analysis instrument,
      500KV power-frequency test transformer, 1200KV lightning impulse generator, magnetic particle detector, automatic metallographic testor and WES-600 universal testing machine. Meanwhile, the company strictly apply a series of tests on raw materials, semi-finished products, metal settings and finished products in accordance with national and internation standards. The tests include: raw materials composition analysis, glass batch ingredient analysis, glass chemical analysis, lighting full-wave impulse test, steep-front impulse test, line frequency withstand voltage test, flash-over test, power frequency puncture test, magnetic particle test, impact test, thermal shock test and etc.


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