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        Zhejiang Tailun Insulator Co.,Ltd. is located at the bank of Taihu Lake in Yangtze River Delta-national industrial park of Huzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, a place full of vitality in economy. The company was founded in August, 2004, which is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Hongfa Energy Investment Co.,Ltd. owned by Hupai Holding Group. The company has 50,000,000 Yuan of registered capital with a total area of 130 mu and total investment of 380,000,000 Yuan. The production scale is designed to be an annual output of 10,000,000 pieces of cap and pin suspension type tempered glass insulators and will be constructed in two phases. Up to December 30, 2009, it has completed the first phase construction, forming a production capacity of annual output of 4,000,000 pieces of tempered glass insulators with total assets of 300,000,000 Yuan. Presently, the company owns over 300 staffers.
        The cap and pin suspension type glass insulators produced by our company include: 40~550kN standard profile, 70~300kN fog type profile, 70~240kN open profile, 70~100kN ground profile and 70~240kN double shed profile, which can be widely applied in high-voltage, extra-high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission line with voltage grade between 10KV and 1000KV. The products have passed tests of State Grid Company Wuhan High Voltage Institute and arc test of China Electric Power Research Institute, each performance index and technical parameter of which has reached and surpassed the national standard of the products.  
        Insulator experts of China Electricity Council have made products technical appraisement in the company and all considered that the company’s production equipment is advanced and complete, the test equipment and measures are perfect, also agreed that our production technology has achieved domestic advanced level, in which 70~240KN double umbrella type tempered glass insulator has reached the domestic leading level. Furthermore, at present, it is also the first company having developed double umbrella type tempered glass insulator in domestic market. The company was awarded as national high-tech enterprise and has successfully passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification. From Octomber 2009, the company decided to carry out IEC383, IEC305 and national standard GB/T1001.1-2003, GB/T7253.1-2005.
        The company will continuously improve, enrich and create new series insulator products and provide quality products and perfect service for customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly with scientific management methods and the quality pursuit of seeking increasing perfection.
      Add:zhejiang province huzhou economic development zone village road 333 Tel:0572-2887808 Fax:0572-2887808 E-mail:info@tailuninsulator.com   
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